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Mexican Gold 2 Pesos Arrive (& Why Pesos Can Be a Great Investment)

The latest website arrival in our continued effort to offer a wider product selection are Mexican Mint Gold 2 Pesos Coins.

These have an AGW of 0.0482, making them very close to a 1/20 oz gold coin. This small denomination makes them budget friendly and more readily accessible to investors versus 1 oz gold. Further to that they typically carry a slightly lower premium versus other bullion coins. When it comes to investing in fractional gold, these are among the lowest premium options you will find and this makes them extremely popular.

Minted 1919 to 1948, you also still get to enjoy the historical aspect of these coins. The obverse features an artistic rendition of the Mexican Coat of Arms. Meanwhile the reverse has the date, denomination and the mint mark MO for Mexico City. Though most 1945 dated coins are restrikes, these coins are prized for their gold content and low premiums, as opposed to numismatic value.

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Mexican Gold 2 Pesos Coins