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Germania Mint 100 oz Silver Bar Preview

Last week saw the release of the brand new, special edition Germania Mint Hildegard Coins. This release included the 1 oz Silver Valhalla version with multimetal plating and the 2oz Silver Ultra High Relief. Both are stunning and a lot of thought has gone into the presentation of these coins, but there is no denying that they step into the territory of numismatics. They have very limited mintages, exquisite artwork and are designed for collectors as opposed to investors or stackers. With this in mind it feels apt that the next arrival is for the investors. Germania do aim to cater to both groups.

The Germania 100 oz Silver Bars have been teased by the mint for months and finally they'll soon be here. They have the same sleek aesthetic as the smaller cast bars and of course, the same mint packaging. All Germania silver bars are individually serialized, are made of .9999 purity, are vacuum sealed in plastic (to help keep them shiny) and feature holigraphic security. Their premiums are also very competitive considering you get the look and presentation of a high end product.

Remember if 100 oz bars feel out of reach, we stock the full range of bars ranging from 100 g to the new 100 oz with many increments in between. Restocks are frequent so if your favorite is missing, be assured it will be back soon.

Germania Mint 100 oz Silver Bar

We never presell products but these bars will be available as soon as they arrived with us. Be sure to watch out for a newsletter and social media updates at the end of the week.

Germania 100 oz Silver Bar
Germania 100 oz Silver Bar
Germania 100 oz Silver Bar