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Wyoming Goldbacks Release Date

Goldbacks are a project we support whole heartedly here at GLC. For those seeking out tiny increments of gold, these are the ideal solution. To date Goldbacks have been issued for Utah, Nevada and New Hampshire and advocats for their currency have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Wyoming series. A release date is finally confirmed.

The official launch date for the new Wyoming Goldbacks series is September the 19th.

From August the 1st, we're able to share images of these new Goldbacks and the wait has definitely been worth it. Though Goldbacks have their roots in a solid, practical currency, they have the added advantage of being beautiful to look at. The Wyoming series has been promised for quite a long time and with such a wait, it can be easy for the end result to fall short of the hype. That is not the case here and we can't wait to share the notes with you. They are really worth looking forward to.

On August the 1st some dealers will also begin taking pre-orders. It's important to note that these are pre-sales. No Wyoming Goldbacks are to be shipped until the launch on September the 19th. We will of course have physical stock of these and our sales will begin in September. As always we don't take pre-orders and will only begin selling these, when we can also begin shipping them. That aside we will be sharing the images as soon as we're permitted on August the 1st.

Until then if you're looking for an alternative currency, do be sure to come and take a look at Goldbacks. They provide a very effective solution to using physical gold for day to day, small transactions.

Wyoming Goldbacks